SmartGym for iOS 17 and watchOS 10

Matt Abras
7 min readAug 30, 2023


Launch Details

New Update

This is a huge update! iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and watchOS 10 opened up so many possibilities, allowing us to create awesome new features and even better experiences.


AirDrop changed a lot this year. It opened up so many new amazing possibilities.


The first one is SharePlay. SmartGym has one of the coolest SharePlay experiences. Apple even featured it during last year’s WWDC, as example of good design.

Now, with iOS 17, users that want to work out together, can do it by just bringing their phones together. It’s like magic. :)

Share Routines

One thing our users love is to share routines with their friends and family. We get a ton of email about that. And now, it’s so much easier. Bringing both devices together, while inside a specific routine, will automatically share it.


As Apple says, just turn your iPhone on its side while charging to make it even more useful when you set it down.

And we’re bringing amazing experiences to StandBy. SmartGym already has a ton of different widgets. And two of our most popular ones are “Quote of the Day” and “Up Next”. We’re thrilled to bring them to StandBy

Mirror Active Workout Sessions

We always say that we believe the best way to work out is only with your Apple Watch. Leaving the iPhone in the locker or in the bag is just magical. But we understand that there are some users that love working out with both devices. So, we’re now taking advantage of iOS 17 and watchOS 10 to mirror the user’s current active workout sessions.

Widgets with Interaction

As we said before, SmartGym has *a ton* of different widgets. Widgets are all about personalization, to make your device’s home screen your own. So, having different options to choose from is ideal. We’re now taking our Widgets to a whole new level, adding even more possibilities with interactions.

SmartGym Interactive Widgets

All New Dynamic Island and Live Activities

SmartGym already offers an amazing Live Activity and Dynamic Island experience. It was even featured by Apple on the iPhone 14 Pro landing page. We’re now making it a lot better with interactivity.

And these new Live Activities look simply amazing when Full Screen.


We can’t wait for Apple to introduce Journal later this year. One of the features we introduced with SmartGym 7, was the ability to add custom notes to specific workouts. And we believe this will be perfect for Journal.


SmartGym has an amazing iPadOS app. It’s packed with awesome features, like Split View and Slide Over, Multi Window Support, Drag and Drop, State Restoration, Stage Manager and more.

Widgets with Interaction

Just like with iOS, we’re also bringing Widgets with Interaction to iPadOS. And they look and work amazing!

Lock Screen Widgets

Widgets are now available on the iPad Lock Screen as well. And we have lots of amazing widgets for it.

Live Activities

SmartGym has an amazing Live Activities. It was even featured on the iPhone 14 Pro page at We’re now bringing this to the iPad as well. And it’s amazing.

Health App

The iPad finally has its own Health app. And this is great, since SmartGym will be able to sync even more data to the iPad app. Just like on the iPhone.

Users will be able to access all the details and charts from their workouts, now on the iPad as well.


As we said many times now, SmartGym was built around the Apple Watch since Day 1. We believe the Apple Watch is the ultimate gym device. And SmartGym is already one the most powerful and most popular app on the Apple Watch.

watchOS 10 Redesign

SmartGym already follows many of the principles introduced on watchOS 10 since 2016! It’s built around vertical pagination and full screen content, you change exercises by using the Digital Crown, get amazing and colorful charts and much more. But we took the opportunity to redesign it completely and we’re taking it to a whole new level.

All new SmartGym for watchOS 10

Just one example of how much care and attention we give to our Apple Watch app. Take a look at the first screen above. See the images with the muscles highlighted? These are not a simple images we’re just loading to make the app look nicer. They are dynamic and are rendered locally on device. Every property of the routine and its exercises have an influence in how this image is created. There is a really awesome math behind each highlighted muscle, based on lots of different variables. And each change made on the routine will automatically update it. How cool is that? Let’s be honest here, at this point we’re just flexing! :)

All new exercise screen with customizable bottom left button

The exercise screen has been completely redesigned around the new watchOS 10 design language. We also made room for the exercise’s animation, which looks amazing!

Users can also do so many things from this screen. Check their notes, edit, log different sets and view their progress. They can access all these features by tapping the More button on the top right corner. But, Apple Watch is all about personalization. So just like they can change their complications on their Watch Faces, they can also change the bottom left button on SmartGym.

Smart Stacks

SmartGym already offers a huge variety of complications. Users can now have even more information inside the Smart Stacks. And just like with complications and widgets, we’re adding a large number of options, so users can personalize their Stacks entirely.

Start Live Activities From Apple Watch

We’ve been asking for this feature since when Apple introduced Live Activities last year. When a user starts working out with their Apple Watch, their iPhones will automatically update and show the Live Activities on their Lock Screen.

App Shortcuts

SmartGym has amazing App Shortcuts. For example, they can start today’s workout with just one tap. This will open the app, start a workout session, get the routine they should be doing today and already open on its first exercise. All done automatically for the user.

They can also get all their weekly progress without even opening the app, or check their histories, body measurements and a lot more.

And with iOS 17 they are getting even better, with an all new UI.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad (iPadOS)
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac (Catalyst)


  • SharePlay
  • Live Activities
  • Dynamic Island
  • Interactive Widgets
  • ARKit 3
  • CoreML and CreateML
  • Artificial Inteligence (AI)
  • App Clip
  • Dark Mode
  • HealthKit Integration
  • Workout Integration
  • Interactive Notifications (including iOS 12 Notifications)
  • Focus
  • Haptic Feedback
  • iPad Split View and Slide Over
  • iPadOS with Multi Window Support
  • iPad Drag and Drop
  • State Restoration
  • Stage Manager
  • Context Menus
  • IAP and Subscriptions
  • iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max
  • New iPad Pros Support
  • Accessibility APIs
  • SiriKit
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Siri Shortcuts with Parameters
  • Custom Intents
  • Includes “Add to Siri” button in the app
  • iOS Files Integration
  • Widgets
  • Lock Screen Widgets
  • Background App Refresh
  • Wide Color
  • Voice Over for HIIT Workouts
  • 3D Touch with Peek and Pop
  • Icon shortcuts
  • SwiftUI
  • Swift Charts

Apple Watch Only:

  • Full Independence (doesn’t require an iPhone to work)
  • Custom UI Gestures
  • Vertical Pagination
  • Now Playing Info
  • watchOS 5 Workout Builder API
  • Complications
  • SwiftUI Complications
  • SwiftUI Interfaces
  • Background Update APIs
  • SceneKit
  • Siri Shortcuts on the Siri Watch Face

For more details on all our technical features:




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