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Apple Recognition

  • App Store Editor’s Choice in the US and Brazil.
  • #1 most downloaded Health and Fitness app for iPad in the US.
  • #4 most downloaded Health and Fitness app for iPhone in the US.
  • #1 most downloaded Health and Fitness app in over 30 countries.
  • App of the Day in the US and worldwide.
  • Featured in Apple’s Apple Watch Series 5 Ad!
  • Featured as one of the best apps for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16.
  • Featured as one of best apps for watchOS 6, watchOS 7, watchOS 8 and watchOS 9.
  • Featured as one of the best apps for iPadOS.
  • Pre-installed on every iPhone in display on every Apple Retail Store.
  • Featured at for iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • One of Apple’s favorite Apple Watch apps of the year, for two years in a row.


To me, everything starts with a why. So why create a gym app? Simple. To improve people’s lives. To help them live a healthier life. To motivate, guide, teach and empower everyone that wants to start working out.

Completely Independent

As I said, SmartGym on the Apple Watch is a real app. Full featured and super powerful. It doesn’t require your iPhone to be nearby to work. And doesn’t even require the app to be installed on the iPhone. You can go straight to the App Store on your Watch and download SmartGym from there. Then just log into your SmartGym Premium Account and you're good to go.

Everything on Your Wrist

You can do pretty much everything from your wrist with SmartGym.


You can see the entire list of exercise or each one individually with more details. All the information you need is right there. The name, sets, reps weight. Even the rest timer (that you can add individually to each exercise). And you can even learn more and get an awesome 3D animation, with detailed instructions on how to execute this exercise with proper form.

Set's counter + Rest Timer with Haptic Feedback

As you complete a set, you can log it and start your rest timer. SmartGym shows a beautiful screen, with how many sets you have left and a big timer showing how long you need to rest. When the timer is done, a notification sound and a haptic feedback will be played to alert you that your rest is over and it’s time for the next set. After you’re done, you can tap one button to move to the next exercise.

Predictive Actions

As we said, the experience on the Watch needs to be super quick. One tap to do what you want. That's Predictive Actions. SmartGym is able to do some clever math in the background to predict the next action. Then, dynamically update the interface accordingly. And this is the beauty of this feature. It only shows up at the appropriate time, when needed.

Edit Your Exercises

You can also log different sets or edit your exercises entirely. Maybe change the number of reps, or add an extra set. Or even change your rest. All that from the Watch. And with just a few taps.

Always On Display

As you can, SmartGym on the Apple Watch is no baby app. It’s actually a pretty robust app, with lots of different screens, and amazing features that run locally on your wrist, independently from the iPhone. It even has our entire AI model running locally, right from your wrist.

All these screens take full advantage of the amazing Always On display. Timers, health data and even the exercise’s animation update in the background with the screen dimmed.

Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

Smart Trainer is our Artificial Intelligence that is able to create personalized routines, based on the equipment you have around. Smart Trainer will also track your workouts, and suggest changes as you progress.

130 Pre-Made Workouts, carefully created by professionals

SmartGym also offers over 130 pre-made workouts, carefully and manually created by professionals. In just a few taps and right from your wrist, you can now have a full featured gym experience, with many different pre-made workouts, from different categories and for different experience levels.


One of the best things about an Apple Watch app is how fast you can do things. With a few seconds, and a tap or two you get all the information you need.

History and Measures

It’s really handy to have this kind of information right on the Watch. Specially since it doesn’t get into the way of any of the other more important features.


SmartGym has lots of amazing complications, that you can add to your Watch Face. You can add simple shortcuts to open the app with one tap. Or, your workout charts and your weekly workout summary. Or even add your SmartGym Siri Shortcuts to your Watch Face. For example, you can add your routines as shortcuts. With one tap SmartGym will launch, will start your workout session and open the routine for you.

Apple Watch Ultra

As we said, SmartGym was built around the Apple Watch since day 1. The Apple Watch is at the center of the experience. So of course we would support Apple Watch Ultra from day 1 as well. And we think our users are going to love using SmartGym on the amazing Apple Watch Ultra!

Health and Activity apps Integration

SmartGym is fully integrated with Apple’s Health and Activity App. All your workouts and health data are automatically synced as soon as you end a workout session.

User Reviews

Seeing how SmartGym is helping people in real life is extremely rewarding. I love getting messages from users telling me how SmartGym has helped them to lose weight, get in shape, deal with the pandemic, reduce stress and much more.

Just a few reviews we recently got on the US App Store. From new mom that wanted to lose weight, to users who bought an Apple Watch just because of SmartGym, to Personal Trainers that can continue to manage their students remotely.

Get it on the App Store!

If you like SmartGym, you can get it now on the App Store: htts://



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