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Matt Abras
3 min readOct 14, 2016

With iOS 10, Apple introduced iMessage Apps and an entire App Store just for this type of apps.

The idea is simple, you can install apps inside the iMessage app. They'll run in the place of the keyboard and can be a lot of things, like games, productivity apps, stickers and more.

To me, this kind of app should be all about solving a problem in a simple and fun way. So I set out to create SoundShare's iMessage App.

Music is one of the best things in life, because it has the power to change everything. It inspires us, brings joy, excitement and can even turn a bad moment into a good one. It touches our soul and reminds us those we love. But the best thing about it, is that music is made to be shared, and nothing like sharing a song with a special someone.

That's why we created SoundShare! Because sharing music with those we love is also the best way to discover new great songs! And now, with iMessage, you can share all the songs you love without ever leaving the app. It's extremely simple.

How does it work?

As soon as you open the iMessage app, SoundShare shows you a Search Bar at the top and the currently TOP 100 Songs at the bottom (this is fetched from iTunes and is extremely up to date).

You can pick any of those songs to send to your friends or use the Search Bar to search for any song you want.

If you want to search, simply tap on the Search Bar and type what you feel like searching.

When you are done, just pick the song and send it to your friend.

Left:Top 100 Songs; Center: Search any song or artist you want; Right: Send any song to your friends with iMessage.

The really cool thing about this is when you tap and open the message. SoundShare automatically gets all the links from iTunes, Apple Music and Youtube and sends within the message for you. This means that when your friends open the message, they'll be able to listen to it entirely, buy it and even watch the full music video. All with just one tap.

What about Spotify and Deezer? It works with them too! If you are a Spotify or Deezer user, you can simply tap on "Open in SoundShare" and hit play inside SoundShare's main app. SoundShare will find the appropriate song in your favorite service and play it for you.

Left: Receive songs from your friends; Center: All the options available when you open a song from your friends; Right: Open any song in SoundShare's main app.

It’s that easy!

To get SoundShare, tap here.

Launch Details (version 2.7.9)



Matt Abras

Christian, iOS Developer, Designer, Product Guy. Creator/CEO at SoundShare and SmartGym.