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Matt Abras
6 min readAug 24, 2018


Launch Details


Two years ago I launched SmartGym. My goal was simple. Make an easy to use, gorgeous and simple gym app, that had an amazing Apple Watch app. After all, to me, Apple Watch is by far the best gym companion.

Since then, amazing things have happened. SmartGym went on to become the #1 most downloaded Health and Fitness app in over 30 countries! Apple picked it as App of the Day all around the world (thanks App Store team!!). And we’ve received tons of emails about people that have been impacted by what we’ve created, and have changed their habits to a healthier one. We've even received a surprising amount of emails about users that purchased an Apple Watch just because of SmartGym. Really awesome! :)

So, this means that it is now time to change it again. It’s time to make it even better. It’s time to launch SmartGym 3!

What's new on SmartGym 3?

iPad App

With SmartGym 3 we're introducing a beautiful new iPad app that users can take advantage of its larger screen to manage and keep track of all their data. All data is stored in our brand new cloud service (described below) and automatically synced across all their devices.

It supports all orientation and also Split View and Slide Over.

Cloud Service

In order to build everything we wanted to build on SmartGym 3, we needed to create our own cloud service. Users can now have all their data instantly backed up and automatically synced across all their devices. This makes the iPad app extremely awesome to use. One can setup all their routines on the iPad and hit the gym just with their Apple Watch and everything will be automatically synced.

Personal Trainer features

This is the killer new feature of SmartGym 3. Support for Personal Trainers. Actually, not only "support for Personal Trainers", but pretty much a whole new app. When a Personal Trainer creates an account, SmartGym automatically updates its UI to accommodate all the new features.

With SmartGym they can add all their students, manage and keep track of all their data and even motivate them. Taking advantage of our new cloud service, every new information they add or change on their side, will be instantly and automatically updated on their students devices.

When a student starts a workout on their Watch, their Personal Trainer will be instantly notified. Using the new iOS 12 interactive notifications, they will be able to send them motivational messages with just one tap.

Improved Apple Watch app

The beauty of an Apple Watch app is being able to quickly get all the information that you need with just one tap or two. So we’ve added some cool new features to make the entire experience a lot better and easier.

Predictive Actions: Since SmartGym has all the information about the user’s routine, we can do some clever math to predict the next action they are going to make. It works in two ways. Either by showing a button at the appropriate moment inside the timer screen, or by replacing the timer button (on the Exercise screen) with the appropriate one for the next action. In both cases the UI remains simple and clean, because we only show the right button at the right time we think the user might need it.

New Apple Watch app for Personal Trainers

As I said in the beginning, I see the Apple Watch as being by far the best device to take with you to the Gym. This also holds true for Personal Trainers. Many Trainers when with their students, use some kind of watch to keep track of their students' resting timer. But they also use another kind of device (a phone or tablet) to keep track of their routines. With SmartGym, they don't need that anymore. They can use just the Apple Watch.

Just as with the iPhone and iPad app, when the Personal Trainer logs into SmartGym, the Watch also change its UI to accommodate the Trainer's features.

Our Watch app syncs their Student's routines and allow them to keep track of everything, all from their wrist.

But there is one extra cool feature. It's called SmartSync. Every day, SmartSync automatically (and in the background) syncs to the Watch only the routines the Trainer will need for that specific day. For example, imagine a trainer has 10 students with 3 routines each. That's a total of 30 routines. Now, imagine how bad the experience on the Watch would be, if the Trainer had to search a routine among all those 30! So, let's say today is Thursday, which in our example, means the Trainer will be with only 4 students, with 1 routine each. SmartSync will sync only these 4 routines to the Watch, making the experience way better and easier for the Trainer.

Siri Shortcuts

SmartGym implements many different Siri Shortcuts. Users can create shortcuts to open specific routines, go to their History or Measures page and a lot more.

On the Watch, SmartGym also adds a Siri Shortcut to the Siri Watch face.

SmartGym also implements SiriKit, which uses Apple’s Workout Intents to control and manage their workout session, all with their voice.

New Business Model

For all that to work, we had to come up with a new business model for SmartGym. So starting with this new release, SmartGym will become a free app + IAP and Subscriptions.

With the free version, users get a Free Trial of the app. They can create up to 2 routines, keep track of their latest 10 histories and save up to 2 measurements. They won't have access to the cloud service. An IAP is available if they want to unlock all local features, or a subscription plan if they want to unlock all features and also take advantage of our cloud service. Users can choose between monthly or yearly Subscriptions. Yearly subscriptions offer up to 50% discount.

Video (Password: allnewsg3)

Password: allnewsg3

All Tech Features:

Supported Devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch


  • HealthKit Integration
  • Workout Integration
  • Interactive Notifications (including iOS 12 Notifications)
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 3D Touch with Peek and Pop
  • iPad Split View and Slide Over
  • IAP
  • Subscriptions
  • iPhone X Support
  • Accessibility APIs
  • SiriKit
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Includes “Add to Siri” button in the app
  • iOS Files Integration
  • Widget
  • Background App Refresh
  • Wide Color

Apple Watch Only:

  • Custom UI Gestures
  • Vertical Pagination
  • Now Playing Info
  • New watchOS 5 Workout Builder API
  • Complication
  • Background Update APIs
  • SceneKit
  • Siri Shortcuts on the Siri Watch Face



Matt Abras

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